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In a circular economy, everything is about value retention. Good product design ensures that you can reuse products, components and materials again and again at a high value. With smart services and processes, you also create a more intensive and long-term involvement with all players in the chain: from supplier to end user. Thinking about all life phases of a product is essential here. This starts with Rethinking your product or service and making well-considered material choices and extends to user behavior and end-of-life solutions for optimal value retention.

Designs for all phases

Below you will find circular design knowledge for products and services that will help you make sustainable design decisions for the different phases.

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What is the function of your product or service? And can it be delivered in a completely different way? Rethink your complete product-service concept to arrive at a circular design or alternative solution.

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Material selection and impact

Choose your materials carefully and with an eye to optimal functionality with minimal environmental impact. With this knowledge and tools you will gain insight into the environmental impact of your product and specific materials.

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Usage and behavior

How does a user interact with your product? Make design choices that extend product use and develop services that ensure the quality of your product.

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End of use

If a user is done with your product, it doesn't mean the product no longer has value. This knowledge helps you design products and services for reuse and recycling. And to encourage users to actually do so.

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