In a circular economy, all sectors work together. Therefore, the principles of circular design are cross-sectoral. Yet within each sector there are specific issues of circularity. In the Netherlands, we have identified five sectors that on the one hand are incredibly important for our economy, but on the other hand have a large environmental burden. For construction, consumer goods, plastics, manufacturing, and food & agri, we delve into the circular opportunities.

Circular design in every sector

Circular design has a big role to play in making impact sectors more sustainable. Find out what's going on in circularity in each of these sectors here.

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Our built environment ensures that we can live, work and work safely and pleasantly. How do we make this sector circular and future-proof?

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Consumer goods

Products that we use daily and frequently also create a lot of waste. Through circular design, these waste streams regain value.

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Plastics make our lives easier, more comfortable and safer, but they also have a downside. Find out how we can use plastics in a circular and sustainable way.

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From the production of transportation equipment and electronics to machine building and metalworking, circularity also plays an important role in the manufacturing industry.

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Food and Agri

Reducing food waste, valorizing residual streams and regenerative use of raw materials, soil and nutrients. Circular design reduces the impact of food & agri.

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Symposium Refuse & Rethink in Design Education

Circonnect partner Rijkswaterstaat, together with Partners for Innovation, is organizing a symposium on refuse & rethink on April 15. The goal of this symposium is to increase attention to these circular strategies within education (including design, marketing and business administration).

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