Business model

A circular economy offers enormous commercial opportunities. But it requires different business models than we know from the linear take-make-waste economy. You will have to redefine how you create value and how you exploit this value better and for longer. This includes innovative value propositions. But also other cost structures and new revenue models. These represent interesting design challenges that are also directly related to your product-service design.

Valuable profit

From establishing value to financing circular business models. Below you'll find knowledge that will help you make value retention profitable.

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Value Thinking

Value thinking revolves around the principles of value creation and destruction. How do you establish the economic, environmental and social value of products, components and materials?

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Business models

Cost savings, revenue streams, revenue models: learn more about designing value creation and retention in a circular economy.

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How do you finance circular revenue models and what are points of focus for investing in circular propositions? Read more about financing circularity here.

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