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CIRCONNECT network Sept. 20, 2022

CIRCONNECT launches online platform that unlocks knowledge about circular design

Today CIRCONNECT launches the new online knowledge platform circular design. On the platform, leading knowledge institutions, the design sector, industry associations, regional innovation parties and government organizations share accumulated knowledge and experiences on circular design.

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Expert Café Impact measurement and LCA _ Self Assessment tool v2 June 20, 2022

CIRCONNECT launches tool for companies to calculate their own environmental impact

The environmental impact of products can now be mapped quickly and easily by yourself with the new free Self Assessment tool for life cycle analyses. SMEs can now make better decisions that contribute to a sustainable and circular economy.

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CIRCONNECT launched March 31, 2022

Knowledge platform Circular Design launched

Knowledge institutions, industry associations, the design sector, regional accelerators and government organisations are joining forces in the new knowledge platform CIRCONNECT. They will make existing knowledge and experience in the field of circular design widely accessible and develop new knowledge together.

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