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How can you determine if your product is "circular"? And how can you assess the potential of the various circular strategies such as Reuse, Repair, Remanufacture, Recycle for your product?

Circular product design helps design professionals to improve the long-term sustainability performance of their products. The key principle of the approach is 'designing out waste': fitting your product in a circular economy where the value of your product, its components and materials are maintained and not wasted.

This course is aimed at helping design professionals such as product architects and industrial design engineers to make their products more circular. By learning how to use unique methods and tools, you will be able to assess the circularity of your product, and to make informed decisions - from minor tweaks to a complete redesign. This course addresses emerging standards for circularity (such as prEN45554) and will be of value both to those working on improving existing products and those creating new ones.

In order to effectively implement circular design strategies, you will learn to use two practical tools to assess products' circularity, Hotspot & disassembly mapping, and Circularity Calculator

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Delft University of Technology

Within the Faculty of Industrial Design at TU Delft, the Department of Design for Sustainability deals with sustainable product development and design within the circular economy.

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