Design Tool: Setting up a Chain Collaboration

CIRCONNECT's design tools address the various design questions facing companies and production chains and support them in implementing a circular product, service and business model.

This is the design tool Chain Collaboration

If we want to use raw materials more sustainably and efficiently, it is essential that companies work together within the chain. This can be done by collaborating with suppliers, retailers, consumers, waste processors and logistics providers around a single manufacturer. By embracing this collaboration, designers can reduce their impact on the environment while improving the quality and sustainability of their products. Each party within the chain thus contributes to making the entire chain more sustainable. In this way, companies can realize the transition to a circular economy.

You can do this with it

The circular chain collaboration tool gives an entrepreneur and/or designer:

  • Information on common obstacles in chain cooperation;
  • suggestions and solutions to overcome these obstacles;
  • action perspective to create successful chain cooperation;
  • Information on available grants;
  • Links to past and upcoming events around chain collaboration.

This tool is great for companies and designers who:

  • have already studied the circular economy to some extent;
  • are convinced that a circular way of working offers new opportunities;
  • understand that collaboration with the parties involved in the life cycle of their products (e.g., raw material suppliers, retailers, users, collectors and recyclers) is important to successfully bringing a circular proposition to market.

Straight to work

There are several ways to learn more about this tool. Get started right away, watch a webinar about the tool or read more background information. Check out the different options below.


We are currently finalizing the tool. It will be available soon.


At the May 24, 2023 Expert Café, we explored the concept of Chain Collaboration . This was an online session for designers to engage in conversation together about how they seek collaboration with the chain around a material or product flow in the circular economy.

Watch the Expert Cafe



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