Use the power of the chain to effectively design circularly

If we want to use raw materials more sustainably and efficiently, it is very important that companies work together within the chain. Also called chain collaboration. By embracing this collaboration, designers can reduce their impact on the environment while improving the quality and sustainability of their products.

Each party within the chain contributes to making the entire chain more sustainable and thus the life span of the product. This is how companies can realize the transition to a circular economy. But companies and designers face several questions and challenges when they establish a chain collaboration.

At the May 24, 2023 Expert Café, we explored the concept of Chain Collaboration . This was an online session for designers to discuss how they seek collaboration with the chain around a material or product flow in the circular economy.

Speakers & Presentations

The Expert Café featured the following topics and speakers:
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Introduction Expert Session Chain Collaboration.
- Rosa Jager, CIRCO Expert team

Collaborating on circular chains
- Mara Haverkort, Program Manager Acceleration House Netherlands Circular!

Success factors for chain collaborations
- Ingeborg Gort, CIRCO Expert Team

You can watch the entire webinar back using the button below or read the summary on the website of CIRCONNECT partner CIRCO.

Watch the webinar You go to a Dutch version



The circular economy does not arise by itself. CIRCO (a program of TKI-CLICKNL) focuses on getting a new market moving. CIRCO therefore activates - with the support of the government - entrepreneurs and creative professionals to (re)design products, services and business models in order to then do circular business.

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Acceleration House Netherlands Circular!

The Acceleration House focuses on SMEs because entrepreneurs realize the greatest impact towards their buyers, suppliers and ultimately consumers. Together we can change system towards a circular economy.

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Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)

BNO, the Association of Dutch Designers, is the largest community of designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. We offer expert legal and business advice, provide an extensive professional network, organize inspiring workshops and events, lobby on behalf of our industry, publish Dd (Dutch designers News, Magazine and Yearbook), and so much more.

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