Roof Garden Moes becomes Up New Food location

August 31, 2022
Author Jeanette van Horssen

What if ... in the petrified center of Tilburg there was a green, circular roof garden with a rooftop café that brought people and nature closer together? That is what Mirjam Slob and Sam van Nieuwamerongen are working hard for. The two entrepreneurs want to bring nature and food to the city and that includes a circular approach. And that is exactly the reason why Up New Food of Midpoint Brabant, booster of the circular economy in Central Brabant, joins hands with Roof Garden Moes. "Doing circular business together and using the result to inspire other people and entrepreneurs, that's what we're all about."

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Midpoint Brabant

Midpoint Brabant is the link between companies, government, education and society. Together we work on smart, sustainable economic growth and society in Central Brabant.

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