Dutch Rubber and Plastic Industry Federation (NRK).

Every day, thousands of products are made from rubber and plastics, from car tires to sailing ships. A world without plastics is unthinkable, and for a sustainable future, plastics are necessary. Because companies in the rubber and plastics sector supply a wide variety of parts, modules and finished products that are indispensable for applications in industry and commerce, construction, packaging and consumer products.

The Dutch Rubber and Plastic Industry Federation NRK represents the interests of some 400 companies. We work for a healthy climate for the manufacturing industry and stimulate competitiveness, innovation and knowledge transfer, education and professional training, a better environment, circularity and recycling. Our members do business sustainably and with an eye for people, planet, profit and polymers. They are leading the way with sustainable innovation.

Due to the specific material properties, products made of plastic are often the products with the lowest environmental impact. NRK member companies like to be challenged and work with you and the entire chain to develop 100% circular plastic products.

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Designing with recycled plastics | Guidelines

  • Federatie Nederlandse Rubber- en Kunststofindustrie (NRK) |.
  • September 09, 2022 |
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Circular Design Sessions on Plastics

During the Kunststoffenbeurs, which will be held on 14 and 15 September in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. the CIRCONNECT partner NRK will organize a number of lectures on the theme of Circular Design. The lectures will give you action perspective to design your product package in a circular way. The lectures are about Design for CE & Chain Collaboration, Lessons Learned from Circular Chain Tracks and Understanding Environmental Impact of Sustainability Strategies & Circular Design.

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