Reusing circular urban fibers for urban sheet based products

Sept. 16, 2022

In two research projects, RECURF (Reusing Circular Urban Fibres for Urban Sheet Based Products) and RECURF-UP, the HvA conducted research on the reuse of textile fibers in sheet-based products. In the first RECURF project (2015-2017), the research focused on various material combinations, combining textile residual fibers from three companies (Sympany, Starbucks and Ahrend) with various bioplastics, and exploring application possibilities. This investigation revealed specific opportunities for developing sheet and shell interior applications.
In RECURF-UP! (2017-2019, the follow-up to RECURF), opportunities for developing and deepening knowledge about circular biocomposites and the use of digital production techniques were explored.

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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

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