Recycling residual wood from the interior design and furniture industry easily and affordably. Royal CBM, trade association for interior construction and furniture industry, is making that idea a reality. Innovation advisor Dirk van Deursen is enthusiastic about Wood Loop: "This project is going like clockwork."

From waste to raw materials
The Netherlands wants to be fully circular by 2050, and in order to do so it must already use 50 percent fewer natural raw materials by 2030. The Dutch furniture sector consumes a lot of wood: 635 kilotons per year. As much as 20 percent of this is already lost during the production process. This mainly involves board material: MDF and chipboard. Every year, these 100 kilotons of residual wood, released as production waste, are burned. Van Deursen: "So the potential environmental gain is 100 kilotons per year. A gigantic amount."

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Furniture Industry and Interior Design Branch Association (CBM)

Royal CBM is the trade association for the furniture and interior design industry. Some 600 companies related to the furniture industry and covered by the collective bargaining agreement are affiliated with CBM. CBM unburdens and helps entrepreneurs with legal support, professional training, energy and sustainability, among other things.

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Acceleration House Netherlands Circular!

The Acceleration House focuses on SMEs because entrepreneurs realize the greatest impact towards their buyers, suppliers and ultimately consumers. Together we can change system towards a circular economy.

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