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17 mei 2023
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The Netherlands government and the European Union are embarking on a mission to speed up the circular economy transition. In the Netherlands, the goal is for the country to be fully circular by 2050. Unfortunately, the Netherlands – and most of the world – is lagging behind schedule. The Circularity Gap Report found that “global circularity” (the rate of secondary materials that get cycled back into the economy from waste) went down from 9.1% in 2018 to 7.2% in 2023. The recent PBL report also states that the Netherlands is not moving fast enough to become fully circular by 2050. There is a sense of urgency to act now and implement effective initiatives that will help speed up the transition.

Repair has been increasingly recognized as a viable strategy to support implementation of the Circular Economy. There has been a surge of repair-related legislation at the EU and international levels and actions by the Dutch government including the establishment of the repair registry.

How is Repair important and what impacts does it have on the environment and what are solutions to ensure repair is well integrated into Dutch society? TU Delft and the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Center for Sustainability are developing a white paper to address these questions. Eight experts provide their insights to guide decision makers around design, legal, business, and consumer behavior perspectives on Repair. The white paper will also include discussion from businesses that are currently incorporating repair into their practices.

The White Paper is expected to be out in early Fall. [image:]

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Binnen de faculteit van Industrieel ontwerpen aan de TU Delft houdt de vakgroep Design for Sustainability zich bezig met duurzame productontwikkeling en ontwerpen binnen de circulaire economie.

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