Design tool: Get insight into financial residual value

CIRCONNECT's design tools address the various design questions facing companies and production chains and support them in implementing a circular product, service and business model.

This is the Residual Value tool

Financial considerations often drive circular decisions. Reliable data and information on the financial residual value can provide more certainty to change current business models, set up new service and revenue models or even encourage parties to take different positions in the chain. To accelerate the transition to a circular economy, it is therefore essential to financially value products and materials, which increases the demand for circular concepts and products.

You can do this with it

With this tool you get:

  • Understanding the financial residual value of a product;
  • tools to calculate reuse value at the product level and recycling value at the material level;

This tool is very applicable for

  • producers and suppliers who want to know how to determine the financial residual value of his/her product;
  • clients who want more visibility into how financial residual value can land in procurement and associated investments and operations;
  • financiers, accountants and appraisers who want tools to land financial residual value in financing, appraisals and accounting.

Straight to work

There are several ways to learn more about this tool. Get started right away, watch a webinar about the tool or read more background information. Check out the different options below.


Get started right away with the Residual Value tool.

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On April 20, 2023, CIRCONNECT hosted an Expert Café on Understanding Residual Value. By attending this webinar, you will gain insight into the determination of residual value in the context of a circular design and business model and its importance in financing.

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Want to learn more about the Residual Value tool? Then read the publication.


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