Expert Cafe Understanding Financial Residual Value

May 03, 2023

What is the financial residual value of your product

Understanding residual value gives impetus to circular business cases

Financial considerations often dictate circular decisions. After all, a business case must remain profitable in order for the company to develop further. To accelerate the transition to a circular economy, it is therefore essential to financially value products and materials. Although several sectors, such as construction and manufacturing, have begun to initiate the transition to a circular economy, there is a lack of supply and demand for circular concepts and products.

Understanding financial residual value
Proper insight into financial value, such as residual value, will help close this gap. To gain this insight, ALBA Concepts has created a calculation tool that they will explain during this webinar. This tool gives a reliable indication of the residual value.

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This publication grew out of the online Expert Café held on April 22, 2023. You can watch the entire webinar back by clicking the button below.

The Expert Café featured the following speakers:
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Rosa Jager, CIRCO/Partners for Innovation

Matthew van de Pol, Senior Policy Maker Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change

Jip van Grinsven, consultant Alba Concepts

Simon Rombouts, Co-Founder and CEO Chainable

Peter van der Mars, policy secretary Royal Metal Union

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We are very happy with this tool. In the transition to a circular economy, it is important to know your value at the end. This is the first substantial tool that zooms in so sharply on this. Thus it fulfills a logical basic condition to determine concrete data

- Ir. Mattheus van de Pol, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change



The circular economy does not arise by itself. CIRCO (a program of TKI-CLICKNL) focuses on getting a new market moving. CIRCO therefore activates - with the support of the government - entrepreneurs and creative professionals to (re)design products, services and business models in order to then do circular business.

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