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From idea to product, from design to production and from a single company to together with the chain. Circular design is all about maintaining value throughout the life cycle. To keep that value as high as possible, there are many knobs to turn and many puzzle pieces to put in place.

Using the power of the chain for circular design, doing a basic screening of the environmental impact of your products or calculating the financial residual value. Do you want to go ahead with circular design or are you looking for arguments and figures to support certain decisions? Circonnect has tools that give you guidance and make it easy to get started on a topic that is relevant to you.



Safe by Design and Substances of Very High Concern (ZZS).

This module gives designers and companies context for determining whether Safe by Design and Substances of Very High Concern (ZZS) are relevant topics. In addition, it provides in-depth explanations, examples and recommended tools for further work on their own.

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Framework Circular Design

The Framework Circular Design is a practical framework for getting started with circularity. Designers gain an initial understanding of the scope of the topic. In doing so, it also provides a theoretical framework to elaborate design topics in a structured and detailed way and apply them in the design process.

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Environmental Impact Tool

The Self-Assessment tool provides insight into environmental impact. Companies can use the tool to quickly and easily do a basic screening of their products and services.

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Circular Chain Cooperation

By harnessing the power of the chain, you can effectively design circularly. In this module you will gain insight into the success factors and barriers of chain collaboration and share practical tips.

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Residual value tool

The residual value tool allows you to calculate reuse value at the product level and recycling value at the material level.

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Rethink & Reuse brainstorming tool

The Rethink & Reuse Brainstorm helps you think about ways to redesign your product or packaging in a circular way.

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Closing the Loop tool

Applying the Closing the Loop tool introduces you to two archetype collection systems and explores how to organize them effectively within your supply chain.

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