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In a circular economy, everything is about value retention. Therefore, it is important to design products circularly from the beginning. That requires knowledge. How can you as a designer or entrepreneur get started with circular design? On this page we share concrete tools and give you tools to take (the first) steps. Together we can design a future-proof circular economy.

Safe by Design and Substances of Very High Concern (ZZS).

This module gives designers and companies context for determining whether Safe by Design and Substances of Very High Concern (ZZS) are relevant topics. In addition, it provides in-depth explanations, examples and recommended tools for further work on their own.

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Framework Circular Design

The Framework Circular Design is a practical framework for getting started with circularity. Designers gain an initial understanding of the scope of the topic. In doing so, it also provides a theoretical framework to elaborate design topics in a structured and detailed way and apply them in the design process.

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Environmental Impact Tool

The Self-Assessment tool provides insight into environmental impact. Companies can use the tool to quickly and easily do a basic screening of their products and services.

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Circular Chain Cooperation

By harnessing the power of the chain, you can effectively design circularly. In this module you will gain insight into the success factors and barriers of chain collaboration and share practical tips.

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Residual value tool

The residual value tool allows you to calculate reuse value at the product level and recycling value at the material level.

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