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The HvA RETHINK tool was developed by packaging researchers at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and consists of the Rethink map set and the Rethink canvas. This RETHINK tool helps companies to initiate the process of need-based thinking to arrive at circular solutions from a system perspective and need-based thinking. The tool was developed together with and for companies that want to generate new circular product-packaging combinations. It is currently a beta version that HvA together with other knowledge and business partners wants to further elaborate and validate in order to make it eventually available for independent use by companies.

Article about the HvA RETHINK tool in Packaging Management You go to a Dutch version
Would you like to try out the tool in HvA research? Contact us via CoE City Net Zero You go to a Dutch version


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) is a knowledge institution offering a wide range of higher vocational education. By linking education and practice-oriented research, the HvA contributes to the renewal of professional practice. Circular design at the HvA includes research and education at various HvA faculties.

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Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV)

More and more entrepreneurs want sustainable packaging, because they see the importance and the opportunities of a circular economy for packaging materials. That is why the KIDV advises and inspires companies with tailor-made advice. We offer factual knowledge and practical tools, based on applied scientific research, current trends and knowledge of the packaging chain.

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Regular events are organised around various circular design themes

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