Design tool: Closing the loop


This is the Closing the Loop tool 

When you have a product with a relatively short lifespan and a low value after (first) use, circular business models do not always apply well. Often the circular opportunity is then mainly focused on efficient (re)use of the materials. In that case, you owe it to the circular economy to close your chain and you have to organize the collection process, among other things. The Closing the Loop tool introduces you to two archetype collection systems and explores how to organize them effectively within your chain.

You can do this with it

With the Closing the Loop Tool, you can:

  • Explore which type of collection system is most appropriate for your chain;
  • Identify the activities to be carried out for closing the chain and which parties are responsible for doing so;
  • Think critically about how your circular system can be financed.

You cannot not with the tool:

  • set up a new collection system at the detailed level;
  • Get advice on laws and regulations surrounding waste management.

This tool is very applicable for companies and designers who are

  • have introduced a reusable product/packaging to the market and want to close the chain;
  • have put a single-use product on the market and need to close the chain.


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Closing the Loop tool


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