Design tool: estimate Substances of Very High Concern (PHS) in your product

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This is the module Safe by Design and Substances of Very High Concern (ZZS).

Chemical substances in products and processes can have harmful effects on humans, animals and the environment. This is why you need to take into account Highly Hazardous Substances (SVHC) in the design process and in your choice of materials. What if there are harmful chemicals in your product or process? How can you find out? And how can you take this into account in your design and choice of materials?

You can do this with it

The Safe by Design module was developed by CIRCO in collaboration with RIVM. The module gives companies and designers an initial assessment of whether their product contains possible substances of very high concern and what consequences this may have in the chain in the future. In addition, the module provides in-depth explanations, examples are given and tools are recommended for further work.

These target groups can apply the module in their daily work

This module is intended for SMEs and designers who want to know more about hazardous substances (substances of very high concern) in products and production processes and how to take them into account in your choice of materials and product design. The explanations and examples are aimed particularly at the construction, manufacturing, consumer goods and plastics sectors.

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There are several ways to learn more about this tool. Get started right away, watch a webinar about the tool or read more background information. Check out the different options below.


Get started right away with the Safe by Design and Highly Hazardous Substances (ZZS) module. The online e-learning module consists of three parts that can be used separately and interrelated:

  • Introduction to the subject matter
  • Tracking of Substances of Very High Concern
  • Safe by Design solution directions

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On July 12, 2022 CIRCONNECT organized an Expert Café on Substances of Very High Concern and circular design in practice. CIRCONNECT partners CIRCO and NRK together with RIVM and VNCI gave more background and insight on this topic.

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Want more information about substances of very high concern? Then check the RIVM website or the Chemical Substances Well Regulated website (central government).