Embassy of Rethinking Plastics | Root on Root, Photo by Zena Holloway

Once again this year at Dutch Design Week (DDW), which takes place between Oct. 21 and 30 in Eindhoven, there are many presentations and projects to spot around the theme of Circular Design. From COco, BNO has put together a special tour along several highlights. The tour will include hubs such as the Embassys of Rethinking Plastics and Circular & Biobased Building, various exhibitions and project presentations including Isola's 'No Space for Waste' as well as 'Welcome to the stone age'.

Immersing yourself in Circular Design? Find the 'COco tips! DDW tour' roadmap here.

COcotipt! DDW tour

Start: Eindhoven Central station to pick up ov bike and buy DDW ticket.

Stop 1: Isola's 'No Space for Waste'
Where: Centre area, Schellens Factory, Bleekweg 1M, DDW Map No. E14
Opening days & times: daily 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Entrance: free

"No Space for Waste is an exhibition dedicated to functional design pieces made with waste materials and discarded products, aiming to minimize the environmental impact. Participating designers embrace the responsibility to change a production process that can no longer be supported. The No Space for Waste exhibition is a showcase of functional design pieces born from discarded products and unused waste, whose ultimate goal is to minimize the environmental impact. The participating designers are willing to embrace their responsibility and change a production process that can no longer be supported, bringing more and more awareness to the topic. ..." Find more info here.

Stop 2: Isola's 'Materialized'
Where: Centre area, Schellens Factory, Bleekweg 1M, DDW Map No. E14
Opening days & times: daily 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Entrance: free

" Materialized is an exhibition that wants to foster new and revolutionary alternatives to plastic and other well-known polluting materials, which are the main actors of the environmental crisis. A showcase of natural raw materials, biomaterials, innovative techniques, and green design. The exhibition fosters new and revolutionary alternatives to plastic and other well-known polluting materials that for too long now have been the main actors of the environmental crisis. It showcases natural raw materials, biomaterials, innovative techniques, and green design. Materialized is a surprising journey through the discovery of what the industry of the future must look like. ..." Find more info here.

Stop 3: Isola's 'No Time for High Fives'
Where: Centre area, Schellens Factory, Bleekweg 1M, DDW Map No. E14
Opening days & times: daily 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Entrance: free

"No Time For High Fives is a group exhibition highlighting design strategies for a sustainable future. Featuring seven individual interpretations, the featured designers share a mission to identify alternatives to systems rooted in extraction and focus on long-term ecological and social impacts. The curation of an adaptive, changeable space, establishes an environment of curiosity and reflection. Featuring experiments in upcycling, localization, zero waste and the use of organic and biodegradable materials, the designers intentionally explore process, practice and materiality, seeking to find balance between user, product and environment. ... " Find more info here.

From Isola take the bike to Strijp T + R where you can grab lunch at Piet Hein Eek before continuing your way to:

No space for waste during Milan Design Week. Photo by: Mauro Serra

Stop 4: 'Welcome to the New Stone Age'.

Where: Strijp T+R area, FORM designlab, Halvemaanstraat 22 , DDW Map No. A5
Opening days & times: daily 11.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Entrance: free

"StoneCycling presents new building materials that have a positive impact on construction and architecture. We'll introduce you in the world of waste, raw materials and carbon emission. We will show you that a fresh approach leads to surprising and impactful new building products.
The amount of waste we are generating is growing vast, while world is running out of raw materials. Over 40% of the total waste in the Netherlands comes from construction, demolition or industry. There is no good solution for much of this material. At the same time, raw materials are extracted more than ever: in the Netherlands 90 million tons of sand, 5 million tons of gravel and 4 million tons of clay are being extracted every year. Worldwide, an estimated 50 billion tons of these aggregates are extracted. Commonly used raw materials such as sand and gravel are becoming increasingly scarce, as they are extracted at a rate much greater than their natural renewal. Excavation also has a negative impact on organisms, habitats and ecosystems.
The production of materials for the construction sector accounts for 11 percent of global CO2 emissions. And these trends are continuing at ..." Find more info here.

Stop 5: '(Re)Valued - Rethinking Sustainable Design'
Where: Strijp T+R area, Innovation Powerhouse, Zwaanstraat 31a , DDW Map No. A9
Opening days & times: daily 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Entrance: free

"Good design generates value for the people, the planet and the economy. But its worth lies in the eye of the beholder. What value do you add or get from a product? Now and in the future. Rethinking materials, products and experiences includes more than just minimizing footprint and waste. It's about becoming aware of the value we attribute to products and how this changes over time. Whether functional, economic, emotional or symbolic; value is at the core of sustainable design. With this exposition we explore and discuss the (in)tangible value of things through the work of talented designers.
Join us at the Innovation Powerhouse to create positive impact by design together. ..." Find more info here.

Stop 6: "Radical Enough?
Where: Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw | Hall 1, Klokgebouw 50 , DDW Map No.
Opening days & times: daily 11.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Entrance: DDW ticket

"The project aims to give glimpses on the new emerging trends on designing with a new perspective on materiality: Biodesign and Upcycling are the main keywords to describe the design solutions proposed. Radical Enough? Design answers from a groundbreaking point of view "Radical Enough?" Synthesizes the point of view of six Designers around the topic of what tinkering with new materials means for them. In this context we as collective are proposing different design proposals and each of them could not be labelled as only design piece but the nature of these works are deeply related to the world Inter-disciplinarily. ..." Find more info here.

Need a break? Grab a drink in the Klokgebouw or head outside to Ketelhuisplein for a while!

Stop 7: 'United colors of waste - Brightfibers inside'.
Where: Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw | Hall 1, Klokgebouw 50 , DDW Map No. B1
Opening days & times: daily 10:00 - 18:00 hrs.
Entrance: DDW ticket

" Brightfiber and Loop.a life are frontrunners in the circular textile industry. On the DDW2022 they will host 'the Embassy of Circular Textile' on which they will present their vision on the future of circular textile, how the circular supply chain looks like & presents findings of 1,5 yr research. The real challenge of circular textile - redesigning the system & bridging the post consumer gap. Circular textile is hot, but what does it exactly mean? Only 1% of all collections is made of recycled material. These recycled materials are mainly made from industrial waste or recycled PET bottle. But the real challenge we face is turning post-consumer material - old, discarded clothes- into high value new collections. The Embassy on Circular Textile shows us that circular textile and fashion is about system change. It's about how we need to redesign..." Find more info here.

Stop 8: 'Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building'
Where: Strijp-S area, Trudotorenplein (WDE), Philitelaan , DDW Map No. B15
Opening days & times: daily 11.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Entrance: free

"The question we ask at The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building is challenging but clear: How do we ensure that the millions of houses that have to be built and renovated are CO2 and nitrogen negative, contribute to soil quality and biodiversity and ensure a healthier living environment?
With an extensive network of designers, material producers, construction companies, researchers, nature experts and policymakers, we have been looking for new perspectives and solutions for this question for several years now. During DDW 22 we will look back in the form of the exhibition 'Ode to the Frontrunners' and set the tone for the coming years. In addition, we present our new program 'Possible Landscapes'.
In this multi-year program we investigate new perspectives for a sustainable living environment. With storytelling and imagination we convert those perspectives into model installations. These installations can be used locally by the stakeholders to share their story and to enter into a dialogue with other stakeholders and residents. The model installations together form an experiential exhibition about what is possible now, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. What the landscape of the Netherlands can literally look like, but especially what the associated chains and value systems are. ..." Find more info here.

Last stop, 9: 'Embassy of Rethinking Plastics'
Where: Strijp-S area, Yksi Expo, Torenallee 22-04 , DDW Map No. B13
Opening days & times: daily 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Entrance: free

"With Rethinking Plastic, Yksi Expo shows in a surprising and stimulating way how we can look at and deal with plastic, the world's most maligned material, differently. As an originally cheap material, it is easily discarded. With all its consequences. It is high time to change our view on plastics!
Embassy of Rethinking Plastic: The urgency of plastic as an environmental problem is clear, but at the same time, a world without plastic is hardly imaginable. Designers are developing alternatives. Think of products that last longer, are easier to separate and therefore more recyclable. Or, for example, systems that enable us to collect plastic in a meaningful way, reuse it and upcycle it into new products. But they also help to create (emotional) value in products so that users start to experience plastic differently. ..." Find more info here.

Finish: Cycle back to Eindhoven Central Station and turn in your ov bike.

In addition to the exhibitions and project presentations, several events and demonstrations will take place during DDW such as: BossUP! - Gamifying Circular Design (Oct. 24-28), Tomorrow's Life; Circular, healthy and smart: Tomorrow's circular materials (Oct. 24), DDW Talks: Eco Pioneers (Oct. 25) and last but not least: DRIVE: Circular Design (Oct. 26). See the agenda for more info!

Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building | Nature Building Kit, Quint Verschuren




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