Community of Practice Reusable Packaging

13 July 2022

One of the potential solutions to make packaging more sustainable is reuse. Reusable packaging is an opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. However, with the exception of some packaging types, reuse is still in its infancy. To further explore joint challenges and opportunities of reusable packaging, the Sustainable Packaging Knowledge Institute has established the Community of Practice (CoP) Reusable Packaging.

Would you like to be part of this Community of Practice Reusable Packaging? Then contact project leader Marcel Keuenhof (

For interesting discussions or inspiring news in the field of packaging reuse, you can also join the CoP-LinkedIn group. Here you can also get in touch with participating parties in the CoP.

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More and more entrepreneurs want sustainable packaging, because they see the importance and the opportunities of a circular economy for packaging materials. That is why the KIDV advises and inspires companies with tailor-made advice. We offer factual knowledge and practical tools, based on applied scientific research, current trends and knowledge of the packaging chain.

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