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July 19, 2022
Photo: Modular by Nature, Omlab x MVRDV | Photographer: Quentin Aubry | MVRDV

What makes this project so special?

"Modular by nature are speculative fauna modules. This outdoor modular product is made from our circular material that degrades. Does àll cladding have to be for eternity? Nature can't do anything with that. You need a client with guts and a broad, experimental outlook."


Modular by Nature, Omlab x MVRDV

Photo: Modular by Nature, Omlab x MVRDV

Omlab's circular material prototypes are environmentally friendly, structurally strong and biodegradable. So far, we have mainly created examples for indoor use, for example building elements. But we also know what happens when we place the original material mixture containing cellulose, Kaumera and calcite ('Itbettermatter') outside. The calcite counteracts acidification, which offers interesting opportunities for (soil) biodiversity. With this in mind, we are developing the concept Maacq Oase (Omlab x Fillip Studios) and Stroncq (Omlab x Lilian van Daal) further."

Photo: Huub Looze and Margreet van Uffelen | Photo via Image bank Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

What role does sustainability play in the design of this project?

"At Omlab, we stand for thinking differently. We are convinced that there is no raw material scarcity in construction, but rather an abundance. A shitload, literally. A sea of possibilities, still a long way to go. Circular building materials require time, a lot of creativity and partners and groundbreaking clients - like the MVRDV Climate Collective. Most linear building materials are also not available in a year...

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