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A stage for sustainable frontrunners in the furniture and interior design industry

From new business models to new doors and smart furniture made with recycled sheet material. At the Circular Design Challenge of industry association Royal CBM, frontrunners in furniture and interior design showed how they want to get started with circular design. Organizer Dirk van Deursen looks back proudly on this first Challenge for the industry.

Last Oct. 29, ten companies were allowed to present their innovative prototypes, test models and design ideas in a dragon's den of sorts at CIRCL in Amsterdam. It was the conclusion of a process, which consisted of two design days and the three-day CIRCO Circular Business Design Track. What innovative materials, techniques or technologies can be used to create a circular interior object? That was the question the companies worked on. They also translated that into circular design strategies and business models.

The Challenge was an idea from the mind of sustainability innovation advisor Dirk van Deursen of Royal CBM. After brainstorming with CIRCO's coaches about the Business Track, the idea stuck with him that in addition to the theory, something actually needed to be done. "We were training SMEs, but I missed the step of applying the ideas and actually getting started with circular design. From CBM, circular is one of the important themes, so personally I am intrinsically driven to help our industry become more sustainable. We can do that in two ways. On the one hand looking back: what we now see as waste we can recycle more, we can get more raw materials from it. On the other hand, we have to look forward, toward designing ecodesign."

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Furniture Industry and Interior Design Branch Association (CBM)

Royal CBM is the trade association for the furniture and interior design industry. Some 600 companies related to the furniture industry and covered by the collective bargaining agreement are affiliated with CBM. CBM unburdens and helps entrepreneurs with legal support, professional training, energy and sustainability, among other things.

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The circular economy does not arise by itself. CIRCO (a program of TKI-CLICKNL) focuses on getting a new market moving. CIRCO therefore activates - with the support of the government - entrepreneurs and creative professionals to (re)design products, services and business models in order to then do circular business.

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